Kait Rokowski

Lady poet who ranked third in the world after both the 2011 Individual World Poetry slam & the 2012 Women of the Wolrd Poetry Slam.

My mom, my friend and I

  • My friend: you don't want a snapchat. That's for one thing... A thing that disappears in a few seconds...
  • Me: dick pics?
  • My friend: yes
  • My mom: I don't know what that is.
  • Me: yes, you do. You watch Letterman. Someone takes a photograph of their....
  • My mom: oh, Anthony Wiener. I know what that is.


Text is from a Kait Rokowski spoken word poem called “New Insults”. 

It’s real good, you should watch that shit

You SHOULD watch that shit.

One of my best friends just got married, I haven’t been home in a bit and I met her husband at the wedding. He was so kind and said what a pleasure it was to meet me, as he’s heard so much about me. I threatened to murder him with the stiletto I was wearing. So… I’m either a really great friend or a really terrible one.

Your decision to leave me was heartbreakingly rational.

Outside of work with the New York City Fire Department.

Outside of work with the New York City Fire Department.

The miracle I am blessed with is the miracle of self worth. I fought for it and it is the shiniest medal on my lapel.


Kait Rokowski - “For Christina Turner” (Poetry Observed)

"There is a difference between open-door policy and trespassing. I should not be liable for what someone else takes from me."

Performing as part of our original series with Poetry Observed.

This is from a few years ago. Thank you, button for showing it again.

Come home in the morning light
My mother says when you gonna live your life right

Mother dear, we aren’t the fortunate ones,
And girls just want to have fun

And equal representation in the media
More positions of political power
Less stigma for women who have casual sex, IE slut shaming
An end to the stereotype that all women need to have children
Higher prosecution rates for sexual offenders
No more street harassment
Birth control covered in every insurance package

Oh, girls just want to have fun

I know what you dream of
I dream of it, too
Of roads that are endless
And rooms that are huge
Are these visions of heaven
Or nightmares I’m living?
All I know is I’m scared of the truth

And if the world could end very soon
And all we’ve accomplished is moot
Coat the carpet in gasoline
Strike our last match and leave
Before the whole house is consumed

So I cover my hand in tattoos
I’ll kiss any woman that moves
There’s no lord to forgive me
And physics is tricky
So all that I’m left with is you
All that I’m left with is you
All that I’m left with is you

—Measure the globe