Kait Rokowski

Lady poet who ranked third in the world after both the 2011 Individual World Poetry slam & the 2012 Women of the Wolrd Poetry Slam.


In the morning
I listen to him brush his teeth through the wall
He hums some song in his throat
And I try to find my skirt
It is the nicest one I own
But it smells of spilled ale and smoke
Through the wall, he sounds happy
And I pretend I am waiting for him to take me to breakfast
That we will get the Time’s
And discuss Syria
I pretend, for a moment
I am not a bar napkin stuffed in his back pocket

He tells me of the gate
That there is a buzzer on the far wall
He says there might be a doorman
But if not, the buzzer will let me out
I’m suddenly very aware of the stubble under my arms
And the mascara flaking off my lashes
Like pepper spilled out of a shaker
I imagine how he will tell his girlfriend
If Her small hands will swell to fists
Or if her mouth will turn down
Like a half moon trying to see the sun

I wonder what she will look like
When he apologies
For me

Seeking life coach. Must have some experience with love hexagons.

"I’m not mad I’m just drunk and I’ve got all these feelings at you."

If you have to select your country from an alphabetical drop down list on a website and your country clearly doesn’t start with an “a” but it’s at the top of the list, you live in the first world.

And in my left hand, there you are
Your eyes shine like a spot light
And I am your favorite chorus girl
You say you sleep better with our heads touching
And that night, I dream of oak trees and fresh fruit
You tell me you could build us a house
And I muse over paint colors, honeycomb, brick, cyan
Your heart pounds like a metronome
And I follow you back in forth
Like a hypnotists stop watch
tick, tick, tick, tick

And in my right,
You are driving nonstop through my city
And I look out the window like a hungry dog
You are quitting smoking for good
And I am a cigarette snubbed out in an ashtray
You disappear like gas through an open window
And I’m left in the center of the bedroom, lights out
You say you do not love me as you pace the floor
I follow you back and forth
Like the clock on a time bomb
tick, tick, tick, tick

I’ve been fighting all the wrong battles

Yo, I understand P!nk’s line “I’m not here for your entertainment” it’s an accurate statement when talking to men about objectification, it’s like “yo, I’m a person, not a thing, so don’t mess with me tonight”

However, if you pay to go to a P!nk concert… Like, yes you are here for my entertainment…

K.Flay - Wishing It Was You

This is my theme song

You put both your arms around me
Said your glad you found me
But only as friend
My broken heart is pounding

Maybe I’m just selfish
But baby, I can’t help
Look me in the eyes
and say you never felt it