Kait Rokowski

Lady poet who ranked third in the world after both the 2011 Individual World Poetry slam & the 2012 Women of the Wolrd Poetry Slam.

Dear cyber bullies,

What you are doing is not OK. Targeting people because you don’t like their beliefs or the way they look is so childish. Telling someone to go kill themselves anonymously on the internet is the most cowardly thing I have ever heard of. I have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior. It is reckless, dangerous, & it reserves you a special little place in hell. Seriously, Satan is writing a seating plan & you are front & fucking center, sweetheart. Stop hurting other people to make yourself feel better. You are not God. You are hardly a competent human. How you have managed to figure out a keyboard is beyond me.


Writers block is like
climbing mount Everest
& I am molasses

I was born two months premature
According to studies on girls like me
I have a higher risk of depression

When my mother went into labor
There was a 80 percent chance
One of us would die
We were life & death that day
We were walking on a tightrope
My mother doesn’t show off he C-section scar
Says it’s ugly



I have always had small hands.
I find it difficult to handle burritos or press down on the right strings to make the strum on the guitar to or screw open a jar of cherries.
Tonight I dropped a glass full of the beer that I just paid for all over the riding boots my mom hand-me-downed to me 7…

Dyamn gurl



On our side of the caution tape
Everyone is smiling
A 70 year old professor
High- fives students he recognizes
A group of teenagers swing dance by the band
A salt & pepper woman carries a sign
That reads “I Pray. I’m Pro- Choice.”
I am not a religious person
But here in the land of damned souls
I’m starting to feel faith
We are an island of misfit toys
Saying “fuck you” to the tinker
“There’s nothing to fix here”

I wish everyday was like this
No one is wearing a mask
No guy at the bar buying my drink
Then using “feminist” as a slur
Even though there is only this tape
Separating myself
from the canines
There is nothing they can say
to scare me
They are mighty & I am small
But I made the choice to be here
A freedom they want to strip me of
A freedom I still have today

The professor leans over to me
Jerks his thumb to the crowd behind us
“Seems like those guys need to get laid”
I laugh loud enough
To fill the whole island

If we had a country home
It would look like this 
You’d have a porch 
I’d have a hundred flowers for my hair

If we had a country home
It would look like this
You’d have a porch
I’d have a hundred flowers for my hair

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I identified as a feminist before I really knew what that was, before I knew how important it could be. Now that I’m older & I have the pleasure of being around beautiful, talented women, I know the good fight isn’t over.

Caitlin Moran says that being a feminist is having a vagina & wanting to protect it. I agree. I also believe this extends to your neighbors vagina.

Today, at the Pro-choice rally I attended, there was a wall of “pro-life” supporters. They attacked us for being “anti family.” I wish they could see, they are defending a hypothetical family, & we are making options available for their sisters & wives & mothers & daughters. Woman who are here now. Women who need to make their own choices.

I cannot stress this enough:


have you ever met someone, spent less than thirty minutes with them and thought ‘i could easily love you’

Everyday of my life for over 10 years.

Lucky to live in this  time.
I am Kait Rokowski & I am pro-choice.

Lucky to live in this time.
I am Kait Rokowski & I am pro-choice.