Kait Rokowski

Lady poet who ranked third in the world after both the 2011 Individual World Poetry slam & the 2012 Women of the Wolrd Poetry Slam.

Chips are just a vehicle for salt.

— Juliana

Love is nothing like tug of war
But love is fluent in the language of rope
Love is the art of giving and receiving slack


I understand why you hibernate
It is the same reason I count the seconds
Between the lightning strike
And the thunder

We are waiting for a shoe to drop
We are expecting it to
Like an anvil out of thin air
Like the locust on holy land

The lightning does strike
On a patch of grass outside my window
I think about how we almost built this house
Right there

You sleep as sound as the dead
But I do not sleep at all
I look at the scorched earth in my yard
And think about how I must have cheated
By accident

"Hey girl. Sorry, I can’t hang out tonight. No, I was really looking forward to it, but I’m too tired from trying to figure out why Women Against Feminism is a thing. How about we reschedule once positions of power in this country are closer to 30% women? I think I’ll have had some rest by then."


that one slam poem nails by kait rokowski took me like 3 listens and when i understood what she was saying i start crying

You’re welcome.

Me, My Mom’s Ass and Jeggings

I have my mother’s body. I’m thankful for it because it’s cool that from ring size to flip flop, we can share everything.

On the down side, I gain unwelcome weight in my love handles and my large boobs make my torso look like a square. A sexy square, but totally a square.

I have always struggled to find flattering jeans because most of them are low-rise and that style doesn’t work for me. Thanks a lot, Mom.

I realized that when I’m in a dressing room, I can turn into a monster who feeds off of insults about the women who CAN fit in the jeans.

"You would have to have the body of a little boy to fit in these. Jeggings are ridiculous and I hate everyone who wears them."

One of my good friends recently mentioned how she felt body shamed when someone was rude to her because she’s naturally small, and I was like “what kind of inconsiderate, rude, undignified jerk would insult your body?”

And then I was like “Oh, me, in every American Eagle Outfitters ever.”

I am adapting the new mind set: “Hey, this doesn’t fit me. End of thought. Let’s try Guess.” Because that seems like a more appropriate amount of energy to put into shopping for pants.

I’m strange and not sorry

I’m watching Ellen’s stand up special, Here and Now. 

Legit question, sense when?

I’m watching Ellen’s stand up special, Here and Now.

Legit question, sense when?